The Pink Beaches of Bermuda

When I think of Bermuda, I think of deep jewel colored waters, pink sandy beaches, colorful houses and breathtaking ocean vistas.

Because Bermuda is located in the Atlantic about 1000 miles off the coast of North Carolina, its climate is considered seasonally tropical.  High season (May through October) offers beach goers a more comfortable climate than in the Caribbean.  The off season is a bit cool for the beach, but the climate is favorable for Golf and tennis.

The island country of  Bermuda is small, quaint, elegant and in one word – beautiful.  The tropical foliage is the perfect balance to the colorful architecture and landscape.  Travelers can stay in one of the many hotels that primarily are along the south shore of the island.  Not interested in flying and staying in a hotel, that’s okay – take a week long cruise.  Enjoy your hotel room on the water, most cruise ships stay two to three nights at the three ports on the island.

The affluent island of Bermuda is surrounded by crystal clear cerulean blue water and light sandy beaches that yes are actually pink!  The numerous wrecks that surround the island along with its coral reefs are a scuba and snorkellers paradise and found not far from shore.

Getting around is easy by bus or taxi cab.  You can not rent a car, but you can rent a scooter.  Bermuda offers much more than gorgeous beaches too.  The most popular visitor attraction is the Royal Naval Dockyard, which includes the Bermuda Maritime Museum.  Additional attractions include the Bermuda Aquarium, Underwater Exploration Institute, Botanical Gardens, Lighthouses, and Crystal Caves with impressive stalactites and underground saltwater pools.

The town of Hamilton offers upscale and island shopping for everyone in addition to great restaurants and island night life.  But don’t focus just there – many resorts on the island offer fantastic fine dining.  We’ve always gone to various restaurants at different hotels.  Each has its own stamp on Bermuda Cuisine.

Bermuda is a small island that takes about an hour to cross by car – mostly because it’s not big and the speed limit is 30.  It is a relaxing vacation with the most beautiful beaches.  But my favorite thing to look at in Bermuda is the colorful houses that speckle the various bays.  It’s island life just as you imagined it.


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I am an avid traveler. I own and operate Elite Travel Planners, a Cruise Planners franchise. I pride myself on providing personalized service to each of my clients.

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