NCL Epic: Entertainment at Sea

NCL EPIC Entertainment 006

Cruising is not what it used to be.  Yes, each cruise ship had great shows and entertaining staffs, but a few years ago several cruise lines decided to up the ante.  Today we have ice shows, high diving aerial acrobatics, and NCL has added not just one, but two signature event experiences to it’s NCL Epic Cruise ship itineraries – Blue Man Group and Cirque Dreams.

I was excited to just be cruising again for a week and headed to the Caribbean, but when my husband decided that two things he had to see where the shows, I thought humm, this is different.  We’re not big show people, but let me tell you – we were going to make sure to see both of these amazing shows, and boy they sure did not disappoint.

We booked our times prior to boarding the ships, which isn’t necessary, but when you have 4100 people cruising, if you want to do specific things on certain days – I would highly recommend it. 

NCL EPIC Entertainment 002 NCL EPIC Entertainment 003

Blue Man Group was fun even leading up to the show while you were waiting.  The theatrical show and concert features music, comedy and multimedia, recorded music and scores for film and television.  There is limited audience participation which certainly adds to the show.  The three blue men have blue skin, no voice hair or ears.  While the show is filled with amazing colors, unique music played with drums and PVC instruments, it is truly a unique and fun evening.  After the show you can get your picture taken with the Blue Men, but don’t expect to hear them speak – they’re always in character.  When you sail on this great ship, do not miss this show!

Audience Participation in Blue Man Group Show

The Cirque Dreams combines the European cirque-style of performance artistry with American circus arts and Broadway theatrics.  This show is a dinner show that is an additional $20 for the standard seating and $30 for premium seating.  While most specialty restaurants have an additional charge, the charge is clearly for the show and not the cuisine.

NCL EPIC Entertainment 008 NCL EPIC Entertainment 009

The cruise ship version of the company’s Cirque Dreams shows, which according to USA today is nothing like anything currently found at sea. The show contains dazzling aerialists flying over your head, acrobats and contortionists that perform in front of you, muscle men, jokesters, and musicians all around while you eat dinner. The show’s artistic director claims if rough seas take place they will just become part of the show.

NCL EPIC Entertainment 010NCL Epic 059

The show was entertaining, had amazing costumes, had jaw dropping acrobatic performances and was definitely worth the additional charge.

Overall, the level of performances on the NCL Epic far surpasses other shows on the seas today.  Blue Man Group and Cirque Dreams definitely separates this cruise ship from the rest sailing at sea, and is just one of many reasons to cruise aboard the Epic.

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