Triberg Weihnachtszauber – Christmas Magic in the Black Forest

Triberg 2011 178

Tucked away in the southern Black Forest of Germany is the quaint town of Triberg.  Normally known as the center for cuckoo clocks, this quiet town springs to life each year from Christmas until December 30th each year.  The Triberg Weihnachtszauber – or Christmas Magic, came to life as the brainchild of business men Thomas Weisser and Rainer Huber.  What began with 100,000 lights in 2004 and a few 40,000 guests has grown into a huge festival of 800,000 lights attracting over 50,000 thousand each year.

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The Triberg Weihnachtszauber features several musical acts from Europe and the United States to entertain those who venture here to take in the illuminations.  Along with several singers and variety acts, you will not want to miss the fire show at the waterfalls which helps bring to life this dark nature preserve at night.

One of the highlight attractions on any given day in Triberg is the famous Triberg Waterfall.  The waterfall consists of a series of waterfalls dropping 496 feet and is the most accessible waterfall of its size in Germany.  Just a short walk from the parking lot or center of town you will find yourself on a bridge right at the base of the massive falls.  The Weihnachtszauber takes full advantage of this breathtaking backdrop.  The falls are illuminated in several colors for the fire show as entertainers enthrall guests with feats of music played with fire and a short fireworks show above the falls.  You will not want to miss this event as it is absolutely breathtaking.

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As you make your way through the light festival, you will encounter several Christmas Market style huts selling Wurst, Gluhwein, hot chocolate, and crepes in addition to souvenirs and even a winter photography studio.  While not a traditional Christmas Market, when you take into account all the shops of Triberg, there is plenty to keep everyone happy.  I know the 800,000 lights kept me mesmerized through a fun and festive evening.

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The Triberg Weihnachtszauber is 9,50 Euros for adults and 8 Euros for children 9+.  Overall the experience is a great time for the whole family.  Triberg is easily accessible by car and train.  Complimentary shuttles bring train guests from the station to the top near the entrance every 15 minutes.


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