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You’ve decided where you want to vacation, now you have to get there.  If you’ve ever booked airline tickets before, chances are you’ve noticed that the prices are never the same and sometimes change by the minute.  That can be quite frustrating.  If you can be flexible with the days of the week you travel, you can same sometimes hundreds of dollars! 

This is a great info graphic on when the best time to book air.  If you have any questions or ever need help planning airline travel, let us know!  We’d love to help.

When to book Air

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The Azamara Difference


Longer Stays. More Overnights. Night Touring.  That’s it in a nutshell.  But to find out what exactly makes this cruise line different, you really need to spend a little time on board.  We set sail last Saturday on the Azamara Quest for a 12 night voyage through the West Indies and Virgin Islands.  One thing that immediately stood out what our itinerary.  To read more about the details of our 12 night itinerary click here

We were quite excited about the longer stays in port.  It will be the first time we have a chance to experience some of these popular destinations without all the masses that sail in each day aboard mega ships like the Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Seas that normally sails with 5400 passengers and can hold 6300 – just to name one of many.  This beautiful ship that we’re on holds a quaint 694 at maximum capacity.  So the immediate advantage – no real waiting for anything.  Not to mention that since it is a smaller vessel, we have the opportunity to reach many ports and destinations that the bigger ships just can’t – either because the islands don’t want to handle that kind of influx of people or physically can’t.

So, off we go to ports like St. Barts – not usually on a big ship itinerary, Isle des Saints, Guadeloupe – Charlestown, Nevis – St. John, USVI, and Virgin Gorda, BVI to name a few.  Several of these ports can only be reached by excursion with a normal cruise, or not at all.  And of course, the night touring really comes in handy.  There is no rushing back to the ship, as we are docked in several of these islands until 10 pm or later.  You can truly enjoy everything the destinations have to offer while doing what you are supposed to on vacation – relax!

And the ports I’ve mentioned are just a few in the Caribbean and West Indies.  Azamara’s two ships – the Quest and the Journey, sail all around the world spending time at:

  • Carnival in Rio
  • Springtime on the Cote d’Azur in France
  • The Grand Prix in Monte Carlo
  • Ireland, Scotland and Germany
  • Norwegian Fjords, Scandinavia and the Baltics
  • Antarctica
  • Significant amount of time in the Mediterranean hitting the hard to reach places with extended stays in several of the highly desirable ports
  • Bangkok, Singapore and Vietnam
  • Burma, Thailand and Malaysia 
  • Oman, Dubai, and India

The great part is that they do not repeat itineraries very much like other cruise lines.  For example, you can book several back to back voyages and never stop in the same port for 98 consecutive days.  That makes for a great way to see the world, all without the inconvenience of unpacking your bags more than once.

DSC01356 edited

So if you are looking for a great cruise line that offers something a little different and that you can build an extended itinerary on, check out Azamara.  The voyages will definitely get you wanting to check out all that the world has to offer, from the comfort of  your home on the seas.

Remember, the Azamara difference is – Longer Stays. More Overnights. Night Touring.

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Ship photo courtesy of Azamara.  Other photos taken by Ingrid Blackburn

Azamara Quest Exquisite Itineraries

Azamara Quest

We’ve set sail on the Azamara Quest for a 12 night voyage to the Eastern Caribbean.  The fun started all in the title of our voyage – the Virgins and Frenchmen Voyage.  Azamara Cruise Lines is the elite part of the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line that also owns the upscale line Celebrity.  There are two sister ships – the Quest and the Journey.  Both are small and a good entrance into luxury cruising.  Azamara is known for it’s destinations and longer stays.

Voyage Map Azamara Quest West Indies

The itinerary for this trip is exquisite.  We spend two glorious days at sea getting to know the 694 passenger ship, and first anchor in St. John, US Virgin Islands for the day. Most ships have to dock in St. Thomas – a short ferry ride away, so we avoid the masses and have plenty of time to explore the white sand beach wonders of this gorgeous island.  St. John is home to Trunk Bay – one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world.  We then sail overnight and spend the afternoon and evening in Ilse Des Saints, Guadeloupe from 1 to 10 pm. 

Itinerary 2013

Then it’s off to Roseau, Dominica for the day – another new destination for us.  We then make our way back to Charlestown Nevis for an extra long day.  We had the opportunity to explore this island in the French West Indies on a privately chartered Cruise ship before, but ships rarely dock on this natural quiet beauty.  Some elite lines have been docking in St. Kitts – just across the way, recently which is a short ferry ride away.   We’re excited to really have a chance to relax on this island and take in the evening as well.  That’s part of the charm of this cruise line – extended stays and night touring, something that you do not have the opportunity to experience with regular cruise lines. 

Next up, our most anticipated 22 hours in St. Barts, I’ve never seen that before on an itinerary.  We were quite excited about this stop.  It will be our second time here to this luxurious island and we can’t wait to explore the gorgeous beaches and dine on the island without feeling we have to rush back to the ship.

Next stop – St. Maarten – for the day and evening.  Although we’ve been here several times before – so many we just rent a car and head on up to Orient Beach for the day, then we head over to Marigot on the French side for a champagne lunch overlooking the yachts in the harbor.  We are most excited about staying here until 10 pm.  Now we will have the opportunity to experience the island once all the masses have left by 4 or 5 pm.  This island has become such a huge destination, that up to 8 cruise ships will dock here, bringing with them close to 20,000 passengers.  So sailing on Azamara really has it’s advantages in destinations such as this one.

We’ll finish up our island touring at Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Isles.  This is another new destination for us, so be sure to look for posts on all our new places that we’ll be exploring.  Then, another luxury – two days at sea.  These are my personal favorite days – a chance to relax, unwind and continue enjoying all this great ship has to offer. 

Until next time – enjoy a few photos of the ship!



  St. John, US Virgin Islands



Your Travel Planner Michael hard at work still at sea for his travel clients

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all photos taken by Ingrid Blackburn