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River Cruise–A week aboard the AMACerto

AmaCerto 004

This week we are spending time aboard the AMA Waterways Certo, a real beauty.  One of the new long boats, this ship is state of the art and sets sail with a quaint 162 guests.  We are sailing from Vilshofen, Germany to Budapest, Hungary.  Along the way we will be stopping in Passau, Melk, Linz, Vienna, Durnstein and Krems.  Just a few beauties to give us a real taste of the romantic Danube. And did I mention that this is a Wine Cruise?  How great is that!

Vilshofen 038On Board 002 Vilshofen 188Vilshofen 150

Our week started off with a real Oktoberfest night of Beer, Bretzeln (Pretzels), Shuplatters Lederhosen slapping dancing, a history of the local nektar – Pilsner Beer, along with the history of the Dirndel, the traditional dress of the local women here in Bavaria.  Of course we had one quiz, what type of beer is the type of the area here in Vilshofen that varies from its neighboring Munchen.  The prize – what else, and extra beer!  Who do you think won – me of course…I guess I’m a little bit of a ringer – German girl who loves beer!

Vilshofen 156

We spent the night in the quaint mideaval town of Vilshofen, docked right in the town’s center.  Here are a few photos of the town’s main road from the left and right.  The shops line the cobblestone street offering wares, services and gastronomical delights.  To the left you’ll find the tall church steeple that rings through the day and night.  To the right, the city wall tower with it’s traditional big wooden door reminiscent of centuries past.

Vilshofen 016Vilshofen 112

As I write this, we bid adieu to this quaint little jewel along the Danube.  My home for the past two days.  I’m filled with excitement about all the various activities that await me this week – a day trip to Czesky Krumluv in the Czech Republic, a hidden walking tour of all the hidden gems in Vienna, Apricot and Sweets tasting in Linz, many bike tours through the countryside and capping it all off with my most anticipated event – an authentic Goulash Cooking Class in the Sofietel Hotel in Budapest, Hungary – did I tell you that has been my favorite soup in all of the 43 years I’ve been traveling to Europe!

Vilshofen 075

So we set sail along this romantic and beautiful river, amongst the changed colors and fallen leaves.  Next stop – The Baroque city of Passau, Germany.  Our final German stop on our voyage before entering Austria.  This jewel of a ship will be my home for the next week – and a luxurious one at that.  The German Folk music is playing in the lounge, and we are enjoying complimentary glasses of Bitburger Pilsner and Wurstchen with traditional German Potato Salad and sandwiches as our Frustoffen – basicially a mid morning breakfast – cause we didn’t eat enough at breakfast an hour earlier – only on a cruise!

Danube 004

We are calling this great vessel home this week and are looking forward to learning about the vineyards along the way – it is a wine cruise after all, and much more!

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